Monday, June 4, 2012

Tres Jolie Sun Hat by Dorfman Pacific Review and Discount

Hello fashionistas!
Sorry for the disappearance, I have been extremely busy lately! I finished my last 2 finals for school today, so I'm d-o-n-e with sophomore year! I would have posted over the weekend, but I had almost no free time. Friday was my Dad's birthday, Saturday I went to a party/sleepover with a few close friends, and Sunday I spent the day with my boyfriend and studying for finals. 

Anyways, I wanted to share a product that I am in love with for summer! For full disclosure purposes, yes, I was sent this product, but all of what I have to say is 100% my own opinion. It's by Dorfman Pacific and it's in the style of  Tres Jolie, but is also known as the Ribbon Crusher. The French name translates to very beautiful, which I found to be true! 

I love the cute little ribbon detail in the back and how the entire hat looks like ribbon wrapped around in the shape of a hat. 

I love this hat because it is so chic and and vibrant. It adds the perfect pop of color to my black bathing suit and you all know how much I love pops of colors. It's easy to toss in your beach bag and tote around, plus you don't have to fear that it won't bounce right back to its original shape. It's easy to mold to the way you want to wear it and if you get it wet it dries extremely quickly. 

If pink isn't your thing, this hat comes in a variety of colors. Shown below are black, lime, fuschia, and natural. They're also available in turquoise, tan, and white. 

The sweet people over at Dorfman Pacific have a way for you all to save 20% on this hat, taking the price down from 30 to 24. You can check it out here and use the code SunHatSave20! It's good until June 30th.
I hope you check these hats out and welcome the floppy hat trend of the summer. Another bonus is that they  protect your delicate skin! 

I'm off to go watch the Bachelorette with my mom even though I'm seriously exhausted from my beach day. 




  1. that hat is too cute and looks SO good on you!

  2. very cute pretty girl nice hat its like hybrid of a floppy hat a small hat very kool


  3. This is adorable! I love the fuchsia one. These would be so perfect for the beach, like you've shown!
    (PS- I stupidly missed the Bachelorette last night and remembered at like 10pm! I can't wait to watch it online today- who is your favorite guy so far?)


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