Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clothed in Black

Hello fashionistas!
I hope you all have been doing well. I have managed to get sick again. I'm blaming my boyfriend because while he was home on Thanksgiving break he came down with a cold and I'm pretty sure it originated from him. Oh well, it was worth getting to be with him. 
I wanted to share an outfit with you all that I wore this week. I was going for a casual cute look. 

Top: New York and Company Tank-top: Aeropostale Jeans: Kohl's Shoes: Belk  Bag: Goldfinch (local store) Necklace: Dali's on Mackinac Island, Michigan 

This shirt was my mom's and then it became mine. It is the softest material and I love the way it has the satin-esque (not sure if it is actual satin, it probably is not) tie and trim around the sleeves. It definitely bumps it up from being just a plain long sleeve black shirt. The weather was not very cool, so I paired it with rolled up jeans and my pointed toe kitten heels. I paired the pendant that I picked up on Mackinac Island with this outfit. It is heated turquoise that turns purple, amethyst, and a pearl. I went for another pop of color with my quilted hot pink purse. I love this bag- it is the epitome of girly! 

I kept my hair straight and simple. I did not realize how long it has gotten until these pictures! I think I might grow it out again. I feel like I say that and then as soon as I get it to a long length I chop it back off again. 
I did the usual bronze eyes and a pink lip for my makeup. I need to do another makeup post, I have not done one in forever! 

Tomorrow I have a physics test and a few other things going on. My favorite class, pottery, has been going well. I'm working on two projects right now and I will hopefully be done with them by Tuesday. 

Loads of love!



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  1. WHAT A CUTIE. I like this shirt a lot, beary


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