Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Life Lately: Work, Friends, and Shopping.

Hello fashionistas!
I have not updated in awhile because life has been crazy busy! My face has finally healed up after my wisdom teeth surgery and I no longer have chubby swollen cheeks. I have recently started a new job working at Kate Spade! I absolutely love it and I really love their bags. I can't wait to buy my first one. 
I'm also nannying part time for a few kids, so my life has been go go go. Anyways, here are a few pictures of what I have been up to for the past couple of days.

My girls and I decided to do a beach day, but we also decided to order a huge pizza to take with us. Nothing like carbs, cheese, and bikinis. 

Here's a little beach selfie. I've spent all my days off last week at the beach. Literally four days in a row soaking up the sun, with SPF of course! 

Victoria and I went shopping the other day and I picked up this little bikini at Marshalls. It's a Vince Camuto and I just love the colors. 

I just bought this top and necklace from Kate Spade. I had my eyes on this necklace all last week when I was working and I had to buy it! 

My best friend, Lily, had her 18th birthday yesterday! Hence the silly party hat! I bought her a Kate Spade bag for her to tote around all her stuff when she leaves for college in the fall. I'm staying here and finishing up my AA at the local state college and then hopefully transferring to the same university. 

Birthday bae! My mom made an Oreo cheesecake for her. The cake was sinfully delicious and had a whole pack of Oreos in it. 

Today is my only day not nannying or working so I'm having another beach day with my boyfriend. Oh yeah, the boyfriend is also another new thing that's taking up my time. Overall, I'm very happy and running on lots of coffee while I be-bop around. 

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the summer! 

Loads of love!




  1. Lovely pictures.

  2. love that swim suit!
    xo Jessica


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