Sunday, January 6, 2013

Favorite Fashions from 2012

Hello fabulous fashionistas!
I know I probably should have done this post p r i o r to 2013 being here, but whatever. I wanted to group together some of my favorite outfits featured on the blog. I'll link back to each post! 

Starting in January from 2012- woah man that's like a... year ago. ( ; 

As you all can see I have quite the affinity for polka dots, blazers, heels, and pops of colors. 
Do you guys typically gravitate towards a certain types of colors, shoes, jackets?

Tomorrow is the first day back to school- I am not looking forward to that!
My boyfriend went back to school yesterday, boo. My best friend came down to visit family for 3 days and popped down to meet me for lunch yesterday, she's also back home. I miss my favorite people!

Loads of love!



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